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Massage therapy and other wellness services for Brownsburg, Avon, & Indianapolis.

At A Natural Way to Recovery Health & Wellness, Inc. we provide massage therapy and other wellness services for the Brownsburg, Avon & Indianapolis area. We offer stress management, wellness memberships nutrition and weight loss, Wellness consultations and programs, as well as, internal & external body detoxification….

Our office ONLY uses organic all natural products. Our massage oil is custom made with organic coconut oil, almond oil, and essential oil blend.

A Passion for Health Coaching

Owner Lori Holbrook’s personal experience with chronic pain led her to pursue holistic natural treatments.

Like anyone who’s been transformed by a positive experience, Lori is passionate about sharing the good news of hope and wellness.

“I know personally what these natural treatments have done in my life,” she says. “You simply do not have to be at the mercy of a pill for your problems. That’s just a Band-Aid.”

Massage Therapy to the Rescue

Sometimes massage seems to have a bad reputation. Generally, people who have never had massage think of it in one of two ways:

  1. It’s something kind of sleazy.
  2. It’s a type of foo-foo pampering reserved for spoiled trophy wives.

Lori Holbrook chuckles at these misunderstandings, insisting true therapeutic massage actually contributes to good health – as advantageous as eating well, breathing properly, and getting good rest.

She helps several clients on a subscription basis. Her pleasantly appointed office simply looks healthful with its muted earth tones and the soothing trickle of water cascading in a corner fountain. And she feels good – emotionally – knowing she has helped others at the end of every work day.

“I have one client, a truck driver, who came in with terrible back pain,” she says. “He has a regular appointment once a month. He says he has no aches and pains any more, and he sleeps a lot better.”

For more information about the effects of therapeutic massage, or to ask about single or subscription appointments, contact Lori.


Monday (Acupunture Only)

10:00am – 1:00pm
(By appt only-Click Here)

Tuesday – Wednesday

10:00am – 6:00pm


10:00am – 4:30pm


10:00am – 5:00pm


9:00am – 1:30pm (Closed 1 Sat a Month)



What Our Customers Say

Great insights. Lori is generous with her time.

Troy T. 

I would highly recommend the infrared sauna with any massage service! The sauna and an hour deep tissue massage in the areas I needed, made me feel like a new woman. I even have more energy and feel “cleaner” the next day.

Jennifer S. 

I have been a client of Lori’s for over three years. She does a great job and I look forward to my monthly massages with her!

Kerry B. 

Great service provider of holistic health options.

Michelle G. 

I thought Lori and Genie were great! Both were friendly and very easy to talk to an Lori was very knowledgeable and helpful. Her place was very calming and soothing!! I think I found a new massage therapist!!

Will J. 

Lori gave a thorough explanation based on the initial survey and discussed various options to explore more in-depth analysis and options for my situation.

Troy T. 

Walking in the door u immediately feel calmer. Genie greets u with a warm hello. If u r there for appointment, your name is known. Lori, the owner, not far away. When she hears your voice, you are again made to feel very welcome. Lori & I figure out the massage areas that need most attention. The sound of water & music combined with massage continues to relax. By the time session complete just want to lay there for a while. Today the areas that hurt before treatment DO NOT hurt at all!

Sheri M. 

Great Work. I really feel good when I leave.

Bob L. 

My visit went so well. Upon entering I was nervous cause I didn't know what to expect. Once I got into the room and felt the calm vibe of the room I began to loosen up. My therapist was amazing, and I practically fell asleep on the table. I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. I will definitely, be going back, and I highly recommend it to others. Five-star service.

Devin W. 
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